cardio consultingAdvanced Cardiology Diagnostic Centre offers comprehensive non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic services for our patients. This includes a cardiology consultation with one of our professionals as well as an ongoing evaluation and management of cardiovascular problems. We believe that prevention of heart disease offers the best outcome, and we offer services designed to promote primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

A cardiology consultation is usually requested by your family doctor or sometimes another specialist or surgeon when he or she wishes to have a cardiac specialist (cardiologist) use his or her expertise to evaluate your cardiovascular health. This might be one of many reasons from concern over a known or possibly serious cardiac problem to a more general evaluation. It might also include situations where you, your personal physician or your regular cardiologist wish you to have a confirmatory or second opinion. Our experienced cardiology specialist will perform a thorough cardiac examination, review the records available and perform further cardiology diagnostic testing if needed. Upon reviewing the results the cardiologist will provide you with their professional opinion regarding the state of your cardiovascular health, devise an effective, customized treatment plan to treat your specific case of heart disease. Advanced Cardiology Centre in Newmarket is dedicated to providing patients the best experience possible when undergoing their cardiology consultation, testing and treatment by speaking to patients to make sure they fully understand the state of their cardiovascular health and the treatment options available to them.